9/1 E.Asratyan st, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, 0052, Tel.: (+37410) 208600, (+37410) 206800

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A new Centre for senior care and psychological health is opening in Yerevan in September, 2013. The Centre is located at 9/1 Asratyan st, on the territory of "Mikaelyan Surgery Institute". This Centre is the first and the only institution of this kind in Armenia and, considering the list of services provided, in the Caucasian region. Our mission is to bring warmth and comfort to all who need them.

The Centre is a full board institution rendering the whole spectrum of services related to senior care. In addition to this, profound medical treatment can be provided in the Centre when necessary. The Center boasts a team of highly professional doctors, contemporary medical equipment, its own laboratory, comfortable wards, and a group of experienced cooks.

The Centre provides care and medical treatment of the highest quality. An individual approach is used at all times. Every newcomer undergoes an examination by a medical board and a personal doctor is appointed to him or her. This doctor ensures that the person under care is provided with all the necessary treatment and with everything he or she needs. We are also mindful of our international compatriots who come to us from all over the world longing for the native places, nature and people, and - why not? - for the exquisite Armenian cuisine.



The following services are provided in the Centre:


Long-term or short-term care.
Upon arrival the new patient or his/her representative sign a contract with the Centre. The same day the patient undergoes a comprehensive medical examination. A medical card is started and the patient is taken to a comfortably furnished ward, which has bed-clothes and personal hygiene products. The patients have three meals a day at least and, if required, a specific diet is organized for them with recommendations of our doctors.
Medical treatment.
The Centre is capable of delivering full-scale therapeutic, cardiological, neurological, traumatological, and psychiatric treatment.
Leisure time management.
The program of stay in the Centre includes a number of activities like visiting museums and concerts, as well as other traditional and modern entertainment.

In addition to the above kinesiological treatment is prescribed to every patient according to his or her physical state and doctor's recommendation. Kinesiological treatment is a set of specifically tailored rehabilitating exercises which are particularly useful for patients with musculoskeletal disorders.



The following documents are submitted on arrival to the Centre:
1. Application expressing wish to be admitted to the Centre for care (and for medical treatment, if necessary).
2. The applicant's social card and a photocopy of the social card.
3. The applicant's ID and the ID photocopy.
4. Reference from the applicant's clinic describing his/her health condition, or a hospital discharge report, or an extract from the medical record.
5. In case the application is submitted by the guardian of the senior person, the guardian's ID and the ID photocopy are also required, as well as the copy of the court decision on recognition of the senior as incapable, and the copy of the decision of the guardianship authority on designation of a guardian. In case the application is submitted by the patron, patron's ID is required and the copy of the decision of the guardianship authority on designation of patronage.


Dear friends! As a team of professionals dedicated to our work we are doing everything to create a warm and loving atmosphere of a native home for our senior guests. Welcome to our Centre!



9/1 E.Asratyan st, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, 0052,   Tel.: (+37410) 208600, (+37410) 206800

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